Being that one of my jobs is in a commercial gym, I often see things that make me shake my head. For example, once I witnessed the assisted chinup machine with about half the weight stack loaded up, being used by a member wearing a weight vest….true. story.

Oh yeah, classic Dubya!

Anyways, there are also a number of positive things which fortunately give me more hope in humanity.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten introduced to and had some brief discussions with a couple of regular members. Here’s the inspirational part: one is 87 and one is 95. The 95 came up to me and we started talking about how they have to update the target heart rate zone charts* to include his age.

Are their workouts perfect? No, but that doesn’t make it any less inspirational to see these guys in the gym regularly at their age. I can only hope I’m still that fit at 95!

Happy Friday everyone! Chris out.

*Don’t get me started