I will tell you about my new love affair! If there’s one awesome thing about the weather turning colder, its that it’s the time of year to cook up some delicious roasts. If done in an oven, this can be tough as you have to set aside time to ensure that your house doesn’t get engulfed by flames. This doesn’t work for most people – myself included – especially mid-week! Sooooooooooooo………..

Enter the slow-cooker!!

A cure for your meal prep woes

This thing has been awesome! In the last week I’ve made both an Angus beef roast and a pork shoulder roast (pulled pork anyone?) I usually throw in the basics: celery, carrots, and onion. Add some spice to the meat, and then throw in a carb – be it potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. (Nothing fancy for now, the experimentation will come later.) Set for around 8 hours, come home from work, and viola! lunch/dinner for the next 2-3 days.

Just be forewarned, carrying around a huge Tupperware gets comments (and not always the “you’re a bad-ass” comments), but get solace from the fact that you have your meal prep covered while others reach for powerbars or other less satisfying and nutritious fare.

Last note, clean-up can be even easier with these bad-boys:

That’s right, throw all your grub into the liner and after it’s all cooked, remove said grub to the Tupperware. Step 3: Just throw the liner in the trash with some authority! A quick wipe of the slow-cooker if you’re channeling your inner Mr. Clean, and clean up is done – ‘cuz no one wants to scrub at 10 at night nor 6 the next morning. Just callin’ it like it is.