Show and Do

December 3, 2009

This was one of the nuggets of gold dropped on the forums! I know I’ve written about keep excerise coaching simple, but I was still talking to much! Mike Boyle is the one that enlightened me (and many of the young strengthcoach members) with this idea.

He said that most people get bored and/or confused if you explain — besides most are visual learners anyways! Common sense after he says it of course!

The gist is that a good demonstration will work very well — at least better than words. I’ve been focusing on making my explanations as simple and minimal as possible since last summer, but like I always say: I love simple! (as long as its effective). And this idea of “show and do” is just more simple and based on some notable coaches’ feedback, more effective than my previous approach. In the week since I learned this, I’ve been trying it out with my clients and so far I’m a believer! There appeared to be fewer looks of confusion and less frustration from the clients resulting from misunderstanding or not comprehending the explanation.

Have a great weekend everyone!!